WOMEn's Tailoring

For many women, finding a suit that doesn’t compromise on style or fit is difficult when off-the-peg suits seem to lack individuality whilst also ignoring the diversity in body shapes.

Thankfully at Brook Harris we understand the benefits of owning a made-to-measure outfit that is as individual as you are. We know that when you look your best, you also feel your best allowing you to take on whatever the world may throw at you.

Whether it’s for boardroom meetings or client dinners, we have everything you will need to find an outfit perfect for any occasion. From bespoke blazers, skirts, trousers and jeans, Brook Harris offers you the opportunity to design your garments right down to the tiny details and walk away with something that fit your body shape and individual style perfectly.

“A bespoke suit is one of the greatest investments anyone can make.
It’s like owning the best first impression money can buy!” – Brook Harris

The Kensington Collection

Silhouette of a women blazer
Discover your true sense of individual style with a choice of thousands of fabrics including light-weight wool, linen, silk and tweeds. 
Cut to over 32 of your unique measurements, matched by-hand with a floating horsehair canvas, then crafted with traditional hand-stitching techniques in the main stress areas, these suits create the unbelievable combination of feeling well-fitted, light and comfortable to wear. 

Option of either Skirt or Trouser Suit available.
Suits from: £1,195
Appointment availability:
By Appointment only at your preferred location, Evening & Weekends available upon request.